June 05, 2018

First of 200 CN Locomotives Completed

At the end of 2017, CN and GE Transportation signed a locomotive multi-year purchase agreement for 200 of GE’s most technologically advanced locomotives – the largest locomotive contract by a Class 1 Railroad to any manufacturer since 2014. The multi-year arrangement, a first between CN and GE, allows CN to secure future locomotive delivery timing, pricing, EPA emission certification and the flexibility to purchase additional locomotives. Technology, reliability, fuel efficiency and personnel training played a significant role in solidifying the deal. 

“These new locomotives are evidence of CN’s commitment and investment to expand capacity for all of its customers,” said Jim Hilderhoff, chief commercial office of GE Transportation. “The Evolution Series locomotives will provide the digital capabilities, efficiency, reliability and tractive effort CN requires to successfully meet the growing market demands and support future growth.”

Today, we celebrate the completion of the first of the 200 brand new locomotives at the GE Manufacturing Solutions plant in Fort Worth, TX. These beautiful machines will help CN with their robust freight needs moving more than $250 billion worth of goods annually across their approximately 19,600 route miles. As the only transcontinental railroad in North America, their rail connections touch three coasts providing seamless services from ports to final destinations.

JJ Ruest, interim president and CEO of CN, said, “The delivery of this first locomotive is a testament to our commitment to investing for the long haul. More locomotives, combined with more conductors, help us serve our clients better, faster, and with fewer emissions than other modes of long haul transportation.”

In addition to having the most technologically advanced locomotives in the market, CN clearly articulated the importance and impact of safety, reliability and fuel savings to their business operations.  Furthermore, the new agreement includes a robust locomotive training package to ensure safe and proper maintenance practices, along with guarantees for reliability, fuel consumption and out-of-service intervals related to GE prescribed field modifications; all of which are important to enable peak locomotive performance. 

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